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Data is advancing healthcare in unprecedented ways. While other industries work in bytes of information, science and medicine are being transformed by the extractable data in our blood- cells, DNA, proteins, and more.  The future of medicine is personal. And personalized medicine is marked by the ultimate customization element: you.  

GoodCell Personal BioBanking puts you in control of your health journey. The idea is simple: store your cells when you are the healthiest to inform the next best action in your health journey. You may not need them now, but biobanking your cells is the best way to ensure they are ready when you do. You'll be able to take advantage of the latest medical advances with the highest chance for success. 

Start your personal biobank today! One of our customer success reps will reach out to help you start building your biobank, share the details and benefits of our plans, and help you choose which will be right for you. We're here to help!


Recent Press

Vox Looks at What's Next for DTC Genetic Testing

Amidst news of 23andMe and Ancestry layoffs, Vox spoke with GoodCell CEO and co-founder Trevor Perry on market saturation and limited utility of existing DNA kits. As consumers look for a more holistic approach to health, GoodCell is among the companies leading the charge by providing health-conscious customers with a long-term testing and cell storage solution. This approach is enabling consumers to reap benefits beyond a one-and-done test and preparing them to take advantage of the latest medical breakthroughs.

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What it means to be in control of your health journey

You can’t feel it happening, but at any given moment your cells are being used in certain parts of the body as a sort of automatic maintenance and repair system, regularly dividing to produce new tissue whenever needed. Among the most promising biological starting materials, and sometimes referred to as the body’s “master cells,” stem cells can develop into many specialized cell types to form the tissues and organs that carry out unique functions...

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LifeVault's GoodCell Looks to Expand Personal Biobanking Business, Touts Cell Quality Monitoring

Startup LifeVault Bio, which offers personal biobanking, small-panel genetic testing, and analysis under the GoodCell name, is trying to break new ground by creating metrics for measuring cell quality. This, company officials said, will help assure researchers and clinicians that the samples stored in the biobank will be most useful for future testing. “We want to be the gold standard behind how you measure quality of cells,” said Cofounder and CEO Trevor Perry. The Waltham, Massachusetts-based startup did not identify the investors or lender.

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